Alive Because of You


Yesterday when I was weeping,

and my heart was exceedingly heavy,

Many tears flooded my pillow—

I was hurting, I was lonely, and I was afraid;

But when I couldn’t see, You opened my eyes.

You were right there beside me,

with Your arms lovingly wrapped about my waist.

Your fingers blotted my salted tears,

upon my cheek, you left your trace;

The release of all of the guilt and pain,

collected over the many years,

had suddenly come forth at once;

I felt so alone, and the bed was deathly cold.

My anguish poured out in a violent storm,

as You swept Your scarred hands throughout my hair,

while whispering softly into my ear,

“Why do you not trust Me?

“Was it not I who stole you from the jaws of death,

“countless times throughout your life?

“Was it not your soul I saved,

“When willingly I limped and crawled to My own grave?

“I was beaten, I was spat upon, and things much too painful to repeat;

“Yet I do not regret; I would do it all over again, and again.

“Be still now, My child, and know that We are God,

“The Father, the Holy Spirit and I, His only Son.

“Be calm, do not fear, for I am always near.”

And then there was a meaningful  pause.

“I love you.”

I was still, not moving nor making a single sound, as He went on.

  “No, My child,  you do not understand…I LOVE YOU!”

The tears had stopped as I glanced up, and I felt a breeze about my body,

I smelled His sweet aroma, and so I shall tell this story.

I said, “Because You are so real, more real than the flesh,

Just because our eyes cannot behold Your image,

Just because our hands cannot touch Your face in return,

Just because we cannot with our ears hear Your voice,

Only means that we are lacking.

It is You who is real, and we who are not.”

I softly smiled as my eyes grew damp once again.

“We are from the ground, but You are everywhere;

in every sight, and in every sound,

even in an infant’s stare.

From the very moment of my birth,

The clock has relentlessly ticked away;

I was dead upon the taking of my first breath,

But you rescued me from the enemy,

and the keys you stole from him.

So if I was dead, and You alive…

it leaves only one conclusion;

You are alive evermore than I,

and I live and breathe because of You.

For when You died, I died,

and when You defeated death,

I was raised from death too.

And for this gift You’ve given me,

You want nothing in return.”

He stopped me with a smile,

as He stretched out His arms,

and opened His hands to reveal His scars,

He said,  “All I ask is love Me,

“because this I did for you….”


8 thoughts on “Alive Because of You

  1. Thank you so much Ralph. God is good to give His children such wonderful things. He loves you so much Ralph. You must never, ever forget that, no matter what struggles you must face through your each and every day. Always know that, just like the infant in the above photo, we are even smaller than this..yet we are in God’s everlasting hands at all times.

    • That is a very kind thing to say, Lyn, I will treasure those words of yours. I need reassurance such as your reply, very much so at this critical point in my life. Take care. Ralph x

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