Trust In God

Faith does not demand miracles but often accomplishes them.”

Whenever we believe God is going to do something because we need it right now, we put our faith in the wrong place.  “I need a miracle, God, and I need it by tomorrow,” you might say.  So you pray and believe God will do it, and sometimes He gives you a miracle.  But what if He doesn’t?  Is your faith inadequate, or does God have something else to teach you?

Actually, both things could be true, and here’s why.  When your faith demands miracles, you are merely putting your faith in faith.  You think that if you believe hard enough, God will do something.  The problem isn’t your belief.  You just aren’t believing in God.  Faith takes tremendous effort, but is much more effective when you put your complete trust in God rather than in what you need from God.  That’s where the  miracles begin.


“I do believe, but help me not to doubt!”  Mark 9:24

*Praise in the presence of God, Jack Hayford


17 thoughts on “Trust In God

  1. This reminds me of so many I have counselled who claimed to be Christian but showed NO change in life and No spiritual understanding. Prompting shows their faith is in an action “I went forward at a meeting” or “I prayed a prayer” or something similar, but they have no understanding of repentance or of faith in Christ and His work on their behalf.

    • I know positively that you know I am with you on that one…you’ve been to my other blog enough to know that from my writings…people take me wrong though when I try to tell them; either that, or they take me the way I mean and they don’t want to hear it..loopholes..people always trying to find loopholes in God’s word by taking things out of context to make sin okay. And oh, let us not forget the lukewarm Christian’s view of “pansy” “Woodstock” Jesus….everything’s long as we love…if you love, it makes sin alright…” You know what I mean. I get so tired of the perverted pansy, woodstock Jesus. Rock hard candy Christians serving a make believe pansy, hippie generation Jesus. That’s what I call it. Frustrates the heck out of me. YOu can’t talk to these people without them getting all mad and fired up..and here they are preaching “Love” but you can tell that is a loophole real fast when they’re so quick to curse you for speaking truth. Where did all of the love mumbo jumbo go? Love ya my meeting amidst the clouds woman! Love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! God bless you!

      • Yes Lyn, I’ve come across the “must be loving” excuse for sin, but my main thoughts here were on the “easy-believism” taught by so many Churches/speakers etc today. It seems they want to record large numbers “saved” without proper regard for truth.

        So many have told me “but my pastor told me I am saved” when they have no idea at all about sin or why Christ needed to die, and certainly are not living the life of a believer. They know the pet phrase “I gave my heart to Jesus” but have no idea what that means. (By the way, I don’t like that phrase – we can’t GIVE anything for salvation. HE does the giving!)

        We so need to pray for pastors and teachers and all Christian leaders – and for Bible Colleges, that the truth will be taught and Christ-honouring people will go forth into the world.

        • Amen..and yes, I understood you..but your comment brought to mind what I said. I know exactly what you mean. I also don’t feel that enough ministers are sharing the committment involved in salvation. They just pass it on as “Get saved..that’s it.” And then nobody knows really what to do after that. They don’t understand. It is very sad indeed.

    • Thank you and God bless you Tina… this is so true! We always know in our own personal lives becuase the challenges are always confirmed by God in ways that we know would otherwise be impossible! Have a beautiful and blessed day my sister!

    • You’re welcome, Bro Pat. Sometimes much can be said in so few of words. This little message spoke to me as I read it and typed it. I went to the bookstore the other day and picked up some daily devotionals. Love them!

        • There’re more here whenever you have time to check them out. I also have a daily verse under a new scripture a day (be sure and read the special note at the bottom on that page) as well as prayer requests, poetry I’ve written, etc. I post here several times a day, every day. I always pray for the Lord to give me the devotion He wants me to post, as well as the verse of the day. I don’t pick it, He does. God bless you and thank you so much for your kind words and for visiting!

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