You Alone Are God

You Alone Are God  ©2012 Lyn Leahz

O’ my Father, to You I give everything…for I am Yours, and Yours alone.

How I have committed adultery and fornication against You, Adonai,

By serving other gods when I was oathed to You;

Yet You alone hath forgiven me of all of my folly.

Who else is able to forgive but You alone?  For You hold the keys of life and of death;

You who sits on high in the heavenly places,

Resting Your feet upon this earth that Your hands formed.

You who has put all things beneath Your feet, and it is by Your unfathomable love that all things were created.

Let me never forget that it is through Your great love and mercy by which I was created.

When You stomp Your soles against the sky,

The earth quakes and trembles below;

When you raise Your fist in the face of the wicked, they fall to their demise;

You will certainly crush Your enemies, and those who have dared to laugh in Your face!

For who can stand against the one true God of all?

It is by Your permission that my heart continues to beat,

And it was through Your breath that life was breathed into me.

Who will stand before the lion and say that You are not Adonai?

Who will stand before the lamb and say that He was never slain?

Who will stand in the presence of Your Spirit and not be blown down?

Not one; for all shall be humbled in Your glorious splendor and mighty power!

When they have said, “There is no God!” You could have destroyed them.

How long, O’ Lord, will You allow blasphemy and self-righteousness?

It is Your ears that hear every whisper uttered in silence,

And it is Your right hand who will save Your people from tribulation;

And with the same hand many shall die by the sword of His Word!

Have mercy upon us, YHVH–Have mercy upon us who stand pure in Your sight;

How long will Your mercy endure upon the godless and the whoremongers?

For You are God; You are God alone.

O’, who can stand in the presence of our Lord?

Who can deny the omnipotent name of Elohei Elohim?  Selah (stop and listen).


This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

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