The Stuff That Makes You Mad!

Philippians 4:6

“Be anxious for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.”

Today as I was leaving my first patient‘s house to go on to the next, I had to sit for nearly ten minutes and wait just to get off of their street.  They’ve been doing major road construction, so they’ve got it down to one lane going each way, and it’s a main road.  I was in a hurry and it was hot, and none of us enjoy just sitting there in traffic, especially when we have to be somewhere on schedule.  As my body heated up, so did my temper. 

“Come on! My God!”  Were some of the things I said, accompanied by a meaningless intensive, or two, which I had to repent for.

But then I heard a voice; that still small voice.  The one that peeks its way out from beneath our own craziness.  “Lyn, maybe you won’t get so angry over all of these small things if you begin to realize that I am in charge of everything, even down to the constant red lights, and every slow-moving car.  Every car moving, and every car sitting still is exactly where it is at the exact moment it is because I AM.  I have reasons for everything because in the beginning, I also made the end; I am the beginning, and I am the end of all things.  I am all in all.”

I gulped, as God had just put my angry old self back in place.  “Well, Lord, okay..that makes sense.  So if you did it, then when I get all upset and worked up, filled with impatience and anxiety, I’m actually getting upset with you.  Right?”

He was quick to answer, “That’s exactly right.”

I sighed.  “Okay Lord, can I ask a question?”

No response, which I believed must’ve meant it was okay.

“Alright, Lord, what about the people who do things against us to make us mad–huh?”  We can never outsmart God or trap Him up.

“What did I just say?  Hmmm?”  He answered.

I paused to remember exactly what He’d just said.  “You said  you are in charge of everything,  you have reasons for everything because in the beginning, you also made the end; you said that you are the beginning and the end of all things–you are all in all.”


I sheepishly continued, “So nothing happens without going through you first then, right?  I mean, everything has its divine purpose; we may not understand, but even the seemingly silly unimportant stuff that aggravates us happens because you allow it.  It is just meant to be because you’re in charge.  Right?”

God answered in a way that I could almost picture Him patting me on the back.  “That’s exactly right.  So, before you get angry, frustrated, or anxious, remember that no matter what it is that’s going on in your life, or someone else’s life, it was meant to be or it wouldn’t be at all, because I AM ALL IN ALL.” 

I smiled as what He told me was finally sinking in.  “Okay Lord, I will remember this next time something happens.  If it happens, You are in control, and if I allow myself to get all worked up or anxious, I am not abiding in You; rather, I’m abiding in my flesh.”

God is quick to allow us to be tested.

I saw my next patient when I discovered I could not find my cell phone.  From her phone, I called every place I had been; still, no cell phone.  I looked at my patient, Patsy, and said, “Well, hopefully, I left it at home to begin with.”

Nervous, worried, and anxious, I left her home when I was through..I was in a rush.  I had to know if my phone was lost or not.  Sure enough, I got every red light, was stuck in a traffic jam, had to wait for a woman to cross the street who moved at a snail’s pace, had to wait on a pregnant lady and her husband to cross another road, they also were slow.  Got another traffic light, then was stuck behind the slowest driver ever….all of the way to my house.  I was quickly becoming agitated when I heard that voice again.

“Ah ah ah, Lyn!  What did I tell you earlier?”  I could almost hear Him clear His throat.

“Oh, yeah..I’m sorry Lord.  I forgot.  It all happens for a reason.  In this case, it happened just to see if I would remember what you said and utilize it.  Right?”

No answer.

I took a deep breath.  “Okay, I am sorry Lord because I have disappointed you.  I repent.” 

I must say, that once I remembered and put my focus back on the Lord, and what He had said to me earlier, it was easier not to get so upset.  When I made it home, there was my phone, sitting right here next to the computer where I had left it.  So, what did all of my worry, my hurry, and my anxiety profit me?  Absolutely nothing.  Just goes to show you, everything that happens ‘happens’ for a reason. 

Who knows, maybe that slow-moving car is keeping you from the traffic accident that’s going to happen on a different road you’ll be traveling, and the fact you were slowed down made you miss it.  Maybe that last-minute customer who prevented you from leaving work on time and made you so late, the bank closed before you could get there, saved you from the robbery that took place where five people were shot.  We never know why; maybe God is looking after someone else who’s also stuck in the traffic.  We may never know, because, after all, who can know the mind of God?  No one!  All we do know for certain is that God is ALL IN ALL! 


26 thoughts on “The Stuff That Makes You Mad!

    • I apologize, but if you read the comments (mine in particular), you will see that I was unaware it was Queen Elizabeth and thought to change it. I apologize for having offended you. God bless you.

    • May I step in here for a moment Lyn. Meeting in the clouds. Hi. I don’t think you realise the symbolism of the picture. This picture is showing what all the world governments and institutions are really like. She is driving the car- in control. Holding a gun- power by fear. The gun has a silencer- can do what she likes quietly, secretly. Wearing glasses-losing her way. She’s old–not long to go.
      For we know Who is Coming. Christ. Christ will overcome that symbolism in reality.
      Take care. MITC. Ralph

      • Ralph, it’s okay..thank you for your support..I do appreciate it. However, meetingintheclouds is offended, which causes somewhat of bitter feelings, which can turn into sin. The Bible says, “Therefore, if what I eat causes my brother to fall into sin, I will never eat meat again, so that I will not cause him to fall.” Even though this is not meat, it is an example to us that if something offends a brother or a sister, then we are to not do it. Honestly, had I known it was the Queen of England, I would not have posted it. For some reason, it just doesn’t look like her to me. And as I recall, once I found out, I had hesitations about posting it. This site is a peacful place; not a place of controversy or trying to make symbolism about something to do with government. Therefore, so as to please my sister in Christ so that she is no longer bothered or offended, I must ask myself, “What would Jesus do?” As I am partaking in a challenge I myself came up with and posted on my other site called, The What would Jesus Do Challenge. If the subject was completely Godly, I would not change it because I would be following the will of God. However, the subject matter is questionable, therefore I am required as a servant to God and my brothers and sisters to change the picture and bring peace. God bless you.

        • Lyn, while I was offended, I held no resentment or bitterness.
          I accept that you didn’t realise it was the Queen – just as I have failed to recognise movie ‘stars’ whom everyone else seems to know at a glance.

          • I can appreciate that sister, however, I said that offense can ‘lead’ to sin…whether you would or not, this is, as a Christian, according to God’s word, what I am supposed to do. Now, if I had posted something that was one hundred percent Godly and someone was offended, then I would not need to do this, because we are not to bow down to the world or sin. (after all, it says if we offend a brother…the world are not our sisters or brothers) So I must do first and foremost as God commands me to do, and obey Him at all costs, even if you wouldn’t have had a problem because you are my sister. I asked myself, “What would Jesus do?” And so I did as I felt He would have done, and looked to the word for guidance.

  1. Love love love the photo!
    I wish I could stop counting the times God has had to repeat this conversation for me. He seems to speak to both of us in much the same way!
    Keep listening and of course keep posting!

    • LOL! For real, He certainly does talk to His children. After this conversation today, I knew I had to write about it and share it with everyone. It seems the world has become a busier place with everyone in a hurry…and as we hurry, we tend to get more angry and frustrated when things just don’t go right. Thank you so much and God bless you for your comments!

  2. Love this, and it’s so true. You know what I’ve been going through with my Mom. Anyways, yesterday my family, including Mom, was so impatient about her not being home. Anyways I asked God and He didn’t say a word.

    • Ahh, but Eddy, He probably did…you just didn’t have your antennaes up! That’s what the Lord told me last summer..He is always talking, but we’re not listening. And, when we think we are, we sometimes don’t hear Him because the demonic powers in high places are at their all time high right now due to mass sin, and the times. They make it hard for us to hear. (Ephesians 6:10-20) God talks to you too, you just don’t know it. It comes across as thoughts. I know it’s Him when He talks to me because He says things I would not think of and that are not forethought in my mind. Like one time He was talking to me and I was trying to answer the thoughtful answer was completely different from what He said. Confusing, but hope you undersatnd what I mean! God bless you Eddy!

  3. An interesting picture ! The Queen of England with a handgun with silencer. Probably taken after the death of Lady Diana. This is what these Royal Families are really like. Sorry to double comment Lyn.

  4. Lynnnn !! That is one of the most beautiful true items that you have ever written. Ralph
    Dan 12:13 But go thou thy way till the end be: for thou shalt rest, and stand in thy lot at the end of the days.

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