Miracle Report From Omaha

Teresa Neumann (Sep 27, 2012)

“We think this is a miracle.” -Dr. Eugenia Raichlin

(Omaha, NE)—23-year-old Michael Crowe found himself faced with something he never dreamed would happen to him: a heart transplant. It began with a diagnosis of acute myocarditis and escalated into searching for a heart donor.
Michael Crowe The problem is, when a donor was found, Michael developed a deadly infection. Doctors said the transplant would kill him. It appeared hopeless. His heart was functioning at only 10%, his other organs were failing, and his lungs were filling with blood. (Photo: Ryan Soderlin The World-Herald)
It was then that Michael’s church—St. Wenceslaus—reportedly began a prayer chain for him and soon, 3,000 families were praying for a miracle.
Meanwhile, in a last ditch effort to save Michael, his cardiologist put him on a machine that assisted only the right side of his heart. Miraculously, Within four days, Michael’s heart was beating on its own without assistance.
Michael is home now, making plans to go back to work and school, and he’s on medication and a low-sodium diet. His physician, Dr. Eugenia Raichlin said, “We think this is a miracle.”
His family, thankful to have Michael back, agrees. “It just truly is a medical miracle,” said his mother.

Source: Bob Glissmann – World–Herald


6 thoughts on “Miracle Report From Omaha

  1. “Medical miracle”? – it is only a medical miracle if the medical faculty can explain how it happened medically. Praise God for His intervention. I hope Michael and all associated with him assign praise where it is due.

  2. Praise God! Wow! If I was that mother, I definitely would have made sure everyone knew GOD saved my son!!!! Really enjoyed reading this…many, many blessings to you…Robin

    • You’re welcome! I thought it was awesome! I only wished the mother would have said at the end, instead of a ‘medical miracle’ (I know what she meant..she meant it was a miracle, nonetheless, medically speaking) but I wish she would have said, “Bless the Lord! This is a miracle of God!”

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