Jar a Symbol of Woman’s Faith

Teresa Neumann (Oct 16, 2012)

After a twister completely destroyed her church, member Connie Harris used a glass jar to take collections to rebuild, though many were skeptical. Today, her jar rests next to the pulpit in the new church as pastor Eddie Fountain preaches: “This congregation believed in God, and sister Connie Harris motivated us with a jar. I can see her smiling from Heaven, saying, ‘Pastor, it has been done.'”

jar of faith

(Tallulah, LA)—A mustard seed, indeed, can be a powerful thing. After her church was destroyed by a tornado in 2010, Connie Harris used a glass jar to collect money to rebuilt New Morning Baptist Church.

Such was the devastation of the building that after the twister hit all that remained were the church steps, leaving some skeptical that the church would ever be rebuilt. But, today, although Harris has since passed away, the jar sits next to the pulpit in the newly built church today as a testament to the power of faith in a merciful God.

Pastor Eddie Fountain gave his first sermon in the new church on October 7. Said Fountain: “Through the blessing of God, we have a new sanctuary and we’re not through yet. We have visions to do a faith-based school, a daycare center and a gymnasium.”

According to a News-Star report, the congregation plans to continue putting money each Sunday in Harris’ jar and every time it’s filled up, donate the money to help those in need in their community.

Source: Scott Rogers – The News-Star



This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

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