8th Grade Boy with Cerebral Palsy Scores Moving Touchdown

Aimee Herd : Oct 17, 2012 : Darlene Hill – WFLD,

“I’ve coached a lot of games. But this was the greatest game I could ever imagine.” –Coach Masoncoup

(Illinois)—Thirteen-year-old Jack McGraw experienced one of the highlights of his young life so far, when he was called onto his middle school team’s field to score a touchdown.

Jack's touch down McGraw has cerebral palsy, but loves football. Coach Sean Masoncoup was happy to make Jack’s wish a reality when he called him onto the field for the “27 sweep outside” play, which gave him about 9 yards to go in his motorized wheelchair for the touchdown.

“The crowd went nuts, and I went nuts,” Coach Masoncoup told a reporter, “and when I turned around I looked at Jack . . . and he had the biggest smile on him.”

Unbeknownst to Jack, the coach had told his team, and the competing team, before the game that Jack would be going in to score. When Jack was given the ball and made it to the end zone, everyone in the stands rose to their feet and began to cheer for him.

Jack McGraw Jack has been with the Haines Middle School Hurricanes for two years now. According to his mother, he’s always wanted to be an athlete, and to be treated like any other boy.

“The biggest thing for me was the acceptance,” said Jill McGraw, Jack’s mother. “The kids were cheering and the cheer leaders ran up to the sidelines, and the parents were cheering.”

The local school board recognized Jack, his coaches and teammates, as well as those of the opposing team, for an incredible display of character and compassion, according to FOXNews.



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