Your Daily Laugh 11/12/2012


17 thoughts on “Your Daily Laugh 11/12/2012

  1. LOL. Let me turn a flip laughing. I think it’s a good sign. Call em out! Jesus did it. I don’t think it’s a sign of condemnation. You should see some of the signs I see outside of churches here. They make my day every morning on the way to work. 🙂 Furthermore, you need only explain yourself to Our Heavenly Father. Never let anyone steal nor still your Joy. I know you’re “ok”. Just adding my 10 cents in support of a fellow sister in Christ.

    • Thank you Angel..and God bless you! I think we all need to laugh. When we see someone posting blasphemy, sex, or perverse things..then we need to call the person on it…. I just find it funny because it’s a church sign..and what it says. I have a bunch more with funny messages I will post from time to time. God bless you again..and thank you much!

  2. I think so many Christian sisters and brothers are stressed out these days..overworked, under paid, upset at the world situation…the election..everything. I think we’re all so over filled with stresses and tasks..good and bad alike, that sometimes those little things get to us more than they should. And sometimes, maybe we don’t mean everything we write the way it sounds… some of us are less wordy..and some of us are overly wordy (like me..lol) and we just can’t convey ourselves they way we would in person with facial expression, voice inflection, body language… maybe he’s the kind of guy, had he said it in person, was shaking his head with a smile, in disbelief, as I mentioned, that a pastor would publicly post such a thing… maybe because he’s a pastor himself it’s hard to find humor in such a thing. Or maybe it struck a chord on some personal level we don’t know about. Who knows. Thank you all for your support..and God bless you for it. It’s really okay..no bigge 🙂 I get misunderstood daily by people…they think I’m this hell fire and damnation person…if they only knew me in person…I’m a soft, sensitive kind of person… but I come across as a warrior in the midst of battle in my writing, I guess! 😉

  3. It’s okay everybody. I get stuff from people every day. Pastor Franklin’s statement is nothing compared to others. Maybe he just meant that he was blown away that the pastor of this church would put that there on the sign…and being a pastor himself..maybe he was surprised a brother in Christ somewhere in this world would say that. He probably knows that most of us would be upset, but then in Christ we’d say, “Oh well…the person who stole that must’ve needed it more than I do. Maybe they’ve got a sick person or children who are suffering in the heat..God bless them.” And really, that’s what most of us would say in a situation like that, although our flesh would probably react at first. I always figure, if someone steals something, they must’ve needed it more than me. It’s never a pleasant thing…but I’ve stolen before in my younger years…a peanut butter snickers bar…when I was homeless and working all nighters at a department store I cashiered by day. I had no money and no food.and no home… I told my manager on my own and offered to pay..but they didn’t want me to pay. I was hungry. But it was still stealing.

  4. WOW I find this so funny and not IN THE LEAsT DISRESPECTFUL OR CONDEMNING! geez Lyn don’t let one persons opinion deter you from posting on your own blog what you want. you are the MOST god loving person I know and probably know scripture better than most preachers included. so please don’t change anything!

    • God bless you Len..I am glad you liked it. I just added the humor area a few days ago…since my other site reflects God’s judgment, the coming judgment, and warning…and the call to repentance..the Lord told me I need to have both sides of Him…so that is why this site is bright…colorful..more happy and devotional…I have the loving, happy, joyous compassionate God here..and the God of judgment…the coming warning…the call to repent on the other.

    • You are very kind to say this about me..likewise. You’re a dear woman trying so hard daily to please your God…and He knows it…and He loves you and holds your hand every day that you go forth to confront the obstacles of life.

        • I just unfollowed you and then refollowed….again…for some reason I don’t get your posts. I get posts from people I am not following..but I can’t get yours! LOL Isn’t that something?

          • Devil get thee behind us.!!!!! he;s just not wanting the word spread. Here are addys.:
            http:// thelordswitness.wordpress.com

            I am wondering if you could tell me how to link my lords witness to my own heart. I have a gods glory link on my own heart that word press put on for me, and it goes to it but not vice versa. Here is email that would be easier and I still can’t do the ping back thing on your posts even following your directions, I think I have a glitch somewhere. grrrr

  5. Pastor Petty, No one is condemning anyone to hell. Chill. Are you so legalistic that you can’t find humor in this sign? Have you not heard funny stories or seen cartoons making fun of hell? Yes, many don’t take it seriously enough, but Lyn was not condemning anyone.

    • are those all your wordpress sites? You just want to post a link…as in blogroll or something? Or you want people to be redirected to one link from the other? If they’re your wordpress accounts, but separate url’s..there is no way. Like I have this site here and Lyn Leahz….I post a link for the other..but I can’t combine it with Lyn Leahz..is that what you’re asking?

  6. No..it’s not..that is why the sign is funny…it is a pastor of a church putting such a statement on his sign.
    Why would a pastor put that there? I’m not condemning someone to hell, sir.

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