Can the Devil Rob You of Your Healing?

can you lose your healing

The Bible says the devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy in John 10:10, but Jesus said He came that we might have life to the full!  Whatever the devil seeks to do to you, God has your “antidote” to the devil’s “poison”!  The answer to the question can the devil rob you of your healing is yes.  The devil will take anything you will allow him to have!  Notice I did not say God will allow, but that WE will allow.

Oral Roberts did a study one year.  He noticed about 90 percent of all people who were getting healed, less than a year later were sick with the same thing again.  He began to do some research.  He found the ones that did not stay healed had taken back their diseases by letting symptoms talk them out of believing they were healed.  The other 10 percent had learned God’s word on healing and had employed it!

Back in December, I injured my back.  I took it easy for a few days and it began to get better until I fell into a hole camping (I know, only me, right?).  I began to hurt so badly I had pain when I walked, when I would lie down, when I tried to sleep.  The only time I did not hurt was when I sat straight up a certain way.

Immediately, the devil, also known as the accuser of the brethren (that is you and me) came and said, “You have gained weight, you don’t exercise like you should and because of that this is YOUR fault!”  Oh, the guilt trip was on! ” I caused this, therefore, I deserved this!” was his mantra in my head.  “Your own fault, your own fault, your own fault!”  How many of us remember that satan is the ACCUSER?  Yes, I should have used more wisdom.   I had not done everything right, but blaming myself was not bringing my healing!  God wasn’t accusing me.  God is not a rapper.  He doesn’t sit in Heaven singing, ” Do, do do, do, do, do…. can’t touch this!”  I don’t care if you did somehow cause it, God is a restorer and the healer of ALL OUR DISEASES ACCORDING TO PSALM 103!!  There isn’t anything God cannot touch.  I went to the Lord, repented and claimed my healing.  I would love to say it ended there but it got worse!  I knew the Lord forgave me for not using wisdom and this was NOT  a punishment.  Once something is repented of it is forever forgotten by God!  The devil wanted me to say, “Well, I still hurt so I must not be healed!”  What was he doing?  Trying to steal my healing away from me.

That Sunday we went to church and my pastor called for all people who were having back issues to come down for healing.  I went!  Suddenly the pain was gone and I was dancing and celebrating all over the place.  Before, I could not stand up for praise and worship and now I could stand as long as everyone else!  That is one of the most exciting times of my life!

I went pain-free for about 2 weeks and one day I bent over to pick up a load of laundry and I felt it!  The first words that came to my mind was, “Oh, no!!  I have reinjured my back!”  As soon as I thought it, God spoke to me and said, “DO NOT SAY THOSE WORDS OUT LOUD!”  Why?  Because life and death are in the power of the tongue and we will eat the fruit thereof!  What did I  do?  I went to hubby and said, ”I have reinjured my back!”  Yes, I know….how stupid can you get???  At that second pain began to radiate into my hip and down my legs!   What had I done?  By the words of my mouth, I reopened the door for the devil to wreak havoc on my back.

I soaked in hot tubs of water, sat in that same position, I could not stand, heels were out of the question, I cried a few tears the pain was so horrific.  This went on for about a week and one day I got a hold of myself!  The Holy Spirit rose up in me and out of my mouth I said, “Devil, I am healed and whole and the blood of JESUS IS AGAINST YOU!  RELEASE MY BACK AND GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!”  I felt instant relief!

I would love to say a symptom never came back, but this time when it did, I made sure I had a wise reply of my mouth and not a stupid one!   We many times allow the devil to attack us by our own words!  We let guilt infiltrate us until we think we deserve what we are getting!  Thank God for His grace that covers us!  I want you to notice, precious reader how many times I have said WE LET!  Who is allowing this junk to come back?  WE ARE?  Why?  Because we don’t stand on God’s word and believe it is for us all!  I am going to list some scriptures for you to stand on, when the devil comes back to try to make you sick again, hold to them and keep them EVER BEFORE YOUR EYES!!  You will see a different result when you do!


Exodus 15:25-26 ; Exodus 23:25; Deuteronomy 7:15; Galatians 3:13; Psalm 30:2; Psalm 42:11; Psalm 91:1-6, 10; Psalm 103:2-3; Psalm 107:20; Proverbs 4:20-22; Proverbs 12:18; Proverbs 17:22; Jeremiah 30:17; Jeremiah 33:6; Isaiah 53:3-5; Malachi 4:2; Matthew 8:2-3; Matthew 8:16-17; Matthew 9:34-35; Hebrews 13:8; Mark 5:25-34; Mark 16:17-18;  Luke 1:37-38, 45;  Luke 5:5, 15-20; Luke 10:19;  Luke 13:11-13;  Luke 17:14-15;  John 4:49-50; John 11:40; John 14:12-14;  John 15:4-5; Acts 3:16;  Acts 9:32-35; Acts 10:38;  Acts 14:7-10;  Romans 8:2;  Romans 8:11;  1 Corinthians 6:13, 15, 19, 20;  Galatians 2:20;  Ephesians 4:27;  Philippians 2:13;  James 4:7;  James 5:15-16;  1 Peter 2:24;  3 John 2


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