3 thoughts on “Why do people get drunk?

  1. Praise God! Your dad is a testimony to what can happen when we turn to God to heal us from ourselves. In the end, if we reject His help, we reject our greatest Blessings. At one point my earthly Father drank very heavily but was a functional alcoholic, I had an aunt who was not so Blessed and never got out from under the burden, although she and my cousins stayed with us for some time. God Bless ya!

  2. As one who grew up with the scourge of alcoholism I can attest to the truth of what this man says. I can attest that the gift of the Holy Spirit can lead to life. Alcohol? Well, in excess I have watched it kill people, destroy their bodies and minds and yes their spirit. It becomes in many ways, and perhaps is, a demonic possession leading to despair, isolation and even destruction. God Bless for posting this message.

    • Amen! My father was an alcoholic..drank beer all the time. He is now a prayer minister and has a world wide outreach and is taking an online course to become an ordained minister. The Lord delivered him from it when I was a teenager and he has not touched it since.

This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

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