Lyn Leahz, ©2012

Your name is Elohei Elohim, There is none like You throughout all the earth, For You are All in All, You are everything…The wind does not blow against Your will, The rain does not fall away from Your face, Nothing is hidden from your sight.

I will not lie down to rest, Without first seeking Your blessing, and asking, “Have I pleased You, Lord?” What if I slumber, and there was something I did not do?

When I awake, my lips shall give You praise, For it is by Your mercy that breath enters and exits my nostrils,

It is by Your kindness that my heart continues beating, And so it shall beat for none other than you, Adonai.

My eyes behold the beauty in Your brushstrokes, The heavens painted with shades of sapphire,

The vast array of colors gently detailed throughout all of the earth, And the sight of a newborn baby; Your artwork can be witnessed everywhere.

Lord, I am nothing before You, But a pile of earthen dust, I was brought out of clay, dirt, and water, Mixed together into mud.

And it was Your hands that sculpted my form, And made me who I am, I am unique and different, for I possess my own intricate puzzle, The code man has called DNA.

My name is written upon Your palm, And You have held me near when I was rejected, You have gathered me together, When I was scattered in the wilderness;Carefully, Your fingers knit me together, and made me better than I was;You have reached out before my enemies, When they laughed and mocked and scorned, And You have made a spectacle of them as You held me on high. I am forever Your humble servant, Please do with me as You will;

I am honored to be Your child, And I am brought low before Your throne.

Who are You? I Am.  Elohim.  Adonai. El ShaddaiYHVH.  Alpha. Omega.  Beginning.  End.  Lord of Lords.  King of Kings.

Who am I? I am one small gust of air from within your lungs. A speck of debris on the tip of Your finger.

I am nothing, but in You, I am so much. I am Yours.  I am a child of the King of Kings; and a servant of the Lord of Lord’s.

Forever rejoicing, I am all Yours!


95 thoughts on “WHO AM I?

  1. You are a true inspiration to other, Lyn. I do like what you have written here. Your passion for our Lord is overwhelming.. I am bless in having known you and seen first hand the wondrousness of your love for the Lord. It is so apparent as seen through your work. God Bless and Keep you.

  2. Dear Lyn, thanks for telling me about this site! I rejoice in the Lord for finding you, another watchman on the wall! We are definitely on the same page! God’s love and blessings, Liz

    • God bless you Shofar. That is very good to know because so many are those against us this day. Our message is not the popular one that people, who have been led astray by a perverted messsage of love, want to hear. You’ve been a blessing to me! Thank you! 😉

  3. That is a very beautiful and moving piece, inspired and written with the grace of our Lord. You are a very Beautiful and intriguing soul. I am honored and must say flattered that you chose to stop and read some of my pages. Thank you for sharing the love!

    • Yeah, that was funny, wasn’t it? Makes me sound like some conceited person or something..actually, I’m quite the opposite of conceited..I struggle with insecurity issues from time to time. It was still funny though! If you’re coffee chic’s husband, you must be cool too!

    • Thank you Robin, and God bless you for your sweet words! I have another site that is prophecy news and my excerpts from my trilogy, so I decided to make this one…a more peacful site with nothing here but God’s Word!

      • LOL….I hear you….I forgot to tell you…he’s my husband…LOL…he told me he left a message, but I’ve been a little under the weather so didn’t respond…LOL…thanks for having my back…lol…many, many blessings to you….

        • Yeah..it was hilarioius. At first he forgot to say the msg was too you, and I was embarrassed and said “Oh thank you, etc etc,” but then I got the second part, separate, that said your name! LOL!!! So I deleted my comment and then notified you! ha ha ha ha ha! You know i felt like a horses butt!

        • No way! He already saw it because I hit reply…so it would have been emailed to everyone who has ever commented on this page or subscribes to my posts! LOL!!! So I hit edit and trash! It was soooo embarassing! I thought he was some womanizer trying to complement me or something…and I thought, “Wow, they sure didn’t get a thing out of what I wrote!” LOL!!! Then I realized “ROBIN!” ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh well….it was funny indeed!

          • LOL…your tooo funny!! LOL…Sorry I was reading your post about Mitt Romney…really enjoyed reading it….

    • Yes I do! I even wear the Star of David around my neck at all times…Click on Lyn Leahz above and scroll down to the second pic of me in a brown shirt..you can see it a little bit. I didn’t have it when I took the first photo in the black shirt a few months ago…the pic in the brown shirt I took last week. I do have some people act rude to me at the store; americans and Islamic people..they bump into me on purpose and ram me with their cart without saying sorry..and you know what? I am happy for it! I am proud in a Godly way!

    • God bless your dear heart Ben…thank you. I hope they do too. I think of how many times I have been in need of some comfort, and many of those times, God’s word was all that was there to lift me up..and it did. We think we want someone to hold us when we’re down..and that gives us that physical comfort.. but what we really need is a dose of “soul” comfort from our Heavenly Father!

  4. WOW Lyn, what a long list of thanks and comments! Good thing for me that they go straight, or I would have gotten lost! This Piece really stirred me I love it! Please check out my writing I think you’ll be blessed I have a hundred posts on Sharpword as of today. here’s just one short one.

    Straight is the gate narrow the way clear is the mind that stays
    Walk your long road carry your cross count all you thought gain to be only loss
    Hold on dear heart hold tight to the beam that keeps your steps here closer to Him
    For straight is the way narrow the gate long is the suffering that makes one walk
    Straight Loud is the sound of the trumpets call with hearts set on Christ we shall stand and not fall “He” is life. God Bless you. /Hu

    • LOL! You think this is bad…I just started this blog about two weeks ago…you should see my main page I started in May, http://LynLeahz.com (and be sure and watch that video at the top, click on change quality at the bottom of the video screen AFTER you start the video, and watch in 1080 p if you can… it is beautiful! It’s like a little glimpse into heaven! Thank you so much for your post and for your following me. I love your little poem, btw! Love it! Thank you! God bless you my brother!

      • I watched the video It Reminded me of the verse about God COLD! I cant see to recall where its found right now, Job I think.. Anyway it’s Cryogenic and this video reminds me that He is an all consuming fire but the cold of His breath can crystalize anything and turn it to powder. Who is like the Lord? There is no one!

      • I watched the video It Reminded me of the verse about God COLD! I cant see to recall where its found right now, Job I think.. Anyway it’s Cryogenic and this video reminds me that He is an all consuming fire but the cold of His breath can crystalize anything and turn it to powder. Who is like the Lord? There is no one!

        P.S. LOL I have a few pretty long poems too

    • Well thank you sister! I am so happy that the Lord used me for something that blessed you! What an honor! What a great God we serve! For this is none like Him in all the earth!

  5. I love the new site Lyn, and i will be visiting this one also! Your words are inspiring that creates a living spring in the hearts of readers. You heart shines so radiantly in ever word shared! Thanks for always blessing my world with your radiant spirit!

    • Thank you so much Wendell, and God bless you for that! You’re a sweetheart and kind to speak such things. All praises to our Father indeed! I always look forward to your comments. By the way, just finished making a bunch of prophecy news post on http://LynLeahz.com you might want to check out. My mother has a very close friend in the military who has high clearance and confirmed that this stuff was all one hundred percent right on. God bless you!

  6. Hi Lyn. You have just replied to a comment from Author…”God gave me that several weeks ago… I had tears in my eyes as I wrote it..” It brought tears to my eyes reading it. A beautiful soliloquy.
    Have I gone colour blind !!! 😉

    • LOL on the color blind…but I was lost in the other stuff…about the tears, God gave me that several weeks ago…etc… Thank you so much for your kind words..but I’m conused! LOL!!! Sorry! God bless you!

  7. Oh, Lyn! I have chills and tears of gratitude!! What a friend you are to me! Thank you seems so inadequate for all the kindness you have shown me! I am so deeply grateful to you and for you! This had to be the way Paul felt about Timothy when he said he thanked God for him daily!! Thank you, my precious sister! I love you much!!! Juliana

    • Well God bless you sister. I am blessed that you love me so much..I love you just as much too! I pray for you and think of you often. You’re a dear friend, and wonderful, humble, loving servant of Christ as well. I am so thankful for the wonderful people I have had the opportunity of meeting…merely saying I am blessed can never describe the joy in my heart God has given me by allowing me to find many scattered brothers and sisters of mine across the world! Again, God bless you and I love you! You’re special!!!

      • I know exactly what you mean! God is so good!! I never dreamed something like this existed and I thank God I get to be a part of it! My prayers are always with you as well, especially for the trilogy you just wrote! I am believing God for you to be on the “bestseller” list!! Love you more!!

        • I receive that! And no, not because of money. If you want my honesty, and I speak the truth, money has never been my passion for wanting these books out. The value of even one lost soul coming to repentance in Jesus Christ is priceless. I am so looking forward to the backslidden and the godless finding the true love we were all meant to find…Jesus Christ.

    • Well thank you, Nellie. You don’t know how happy it makes me to know someone was blessed by anything on any of my websites. It’s always a wonderful thing to know the Lord uses you…someone so magnificent and unfathomable, and wow, what a priveledge to serve Him! God bless you today Nellie. Also, I post a promise verse a day you will get in your mailbox if you subscribe. Well, if you subscribe, you’ll get everything that is posted here in your box..and I have it set so that you can read it in full from your email if you don’t have time to come here. God bless you again, and love you in Christ!
      For prophecy news and about my books, please see http://LynLeahz.com

    • Thank you and God bless you Butch! It’s always a pleasure to hear from you. May the Lord lead, guide, and protect you in all that you do as you continue your journey for Him in this life.

  8. My Dear Sister, what an outstanding piece of work you are continuing to do here in the name of Jesus. I love all that you have attempted to construct thus far. So I encourage you to continue to move forward with all that God has placed in your hands to share with all of us. You are truly a blessings to the Kingdom here on this earth. Stay focus and continue to move forward with full steam ahead. May God’s grace and mercy be yours to enjoy in all that you do. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you Pastor Davis..you are always a blessing, and your words always touch my heart. I am glad that you like it. I see the Bible in it’s fullest sense. In the Bible, we see God’s warning and His judgment, His call to repentance…thus, my other page. We also see His love, His mercy, and His comfort and peace..thus this page. Trying to complete the fulness in His word! God bless you and I love you dearly, Pastor.

  9. I am nothing, but in you I am so much……this is a profound statement. I love this….this comforts me because sometimes we feel like nothing, but it is Christ who fills the void and becomes our everything. Blessings to you my sister Lyn. I love these little promises to remind me of God’s faithfulness. Jeez… I just love God all day long.

    A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥

    • You’re so sweet! God gave me that several weeks ago… I had tears in my eyes as I wrote it..I’m sure you know exactly what I mean! We’re both very very passionate and emotional people, especially when it comes to our Lord!

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