Spiritual Reflections

Might God Be Speaking To You? Oftentimes, the trials in our own lives are a direct reflection of something God is trying to tell us spiritually. Here is an example:  Does it seem all of your time is being consumed with things you would rather not be doing and you have barely any time for … Continue reading


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Who Is Lyn Leahz?

VISIT THE OFFICIAL LYN LEAHZ HOME PAGE FOR ALL THE LATEST ON MY TRILOGY. AND DON’T FORGET TO STOP BY MY PROPHECY NEWS WEBSITE, VINE OF LIFE NEWS, FOR ALL THE LATEST NEWS PERTAINING TO BIBLE PROPHECY! Author of Christian Fiction Novels Eternal Soul Series (Soul Deceiver, Soul Collector, Soul Savior; Coming Soon!) Soul Deceiver—Book One—Summary ©2012 … Continue reading

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