Please feel free to use this space to post your prayers, and your prayer requests.  The prayers will appear with the most recent at the top and older ones at the bottom.  

You are more than welcome to make a private prayer request using the included form, or a public prayer request by posting it in the comments section below the form so others can pray for you too.

James 5:16, Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.”


31 thoughts on “PRAYER REQUESTS

  1. Hi Lyn,
    Prayer for patience, guidance, and obedience towards our new lifetime investment. That we continue to trust God for His direction on our heart’s desires, and needs.

    Blessings to you!

  2. For my friend Doreen, who is practicing lesbianism, that she will turn to God and repent. I pray that the Lord will give me the right words to speak in the right time to her, and that her heart will receive the Word with gladness. thank you.

  3. Please pray for the Hudson family. baby James who passed away today at the tender age of 7 months …… he was killed by the family dog.. The dog attacked the baby by grabbing his little head, they called the emt’s but they couldn’t revive him. He died at home. This same dog attacked and mauled the leg of another Family. Thank you to all of you..

    • That is just awful Did you know these people? It always amazes me people who would have a big dog around a baby. Back in 2001, a woman had her baby sleeping in its car seat in another room..she had two German shepherds and they were back there just eating the baby alive. The baby went to a local hospital for kids, but they could not save it. I mean, who would even have a baby in a place where a dog like that could accidentally trample it or something? Then there was another case where a couple had their baby in a car seat next to the bed on the floor and the dog ate the baby’s toes off. Now I don’t know about you, but screams and cries like that would stir me and I’d turn the lights on and check the baby, plus you’d hear the dog down there.

      • I knew the family .. yes it is heart breaking, This same dog attacked another family member before and chewed his leg off.. I just don’t understand how this dog can still be alive. He has proven that he can not be trusted.. I don’t understand people..

        • Where I live this dog would have been taken out of the home by metro and put to sleep the first time around. I pray that these people have finally learned a lesson. This is heart breaking and I am holding back tears.

          • Grandma, I’ll spare the details for you, but I was looking on the web trying to find this story, and you would not believe how many hundreds of small children and babies have already died just this year from pit bulls and boxers. One was so bad, the condition of the dead 2 year old, that the police who found her had to have psychiatric counseling afterwards. Anyone who would have pit bulls, boxers, or rotweillers should reconsider. Most of the owners of these pets who had an experience like this said the same things, “We just don’t understand; the dog wasn’t raised like this and it has always been friendly and loving!” Why ever take the chane?

    • Will do! “Father God in Jesus name, you know who Josh is, and we thank you that your will is being done in this situation…. you’ve got your hands on Josh, and you put him Lord where he needs to be; if it’s closest to his apartment, dear Lord, then put him there, for that is what their desire is. You know things we don’t know, so it is ultimately your will in these types of things. Bless Josh abundantly and show him your mighty power and compassion! For it is written, “Whatsoever you shall ask in My name, believing, you shall receive!” In Jesus name, Amen!” And, i will keep praying sister! God bless you!

      • My son did not get the job at Wendy’s. He still needs to draw closer to God for HImself, my son is depending on ME to pray for him, but he is now 18, and God wants him to be more “on his own”. He is now trying to get a job at Price chopper. As much as I pray he gets this job, the more obvious issue is that he draws closer to God for himself. Thank you so much for asking!. SueAnn

  4. I have a quick prayer request.. One of my dear friends form work, her sister Debbie, has been battling Cancer for years and she is at the end of her fight. They give her 2 to 8 weeks. I want them to find some inner peace.

  5. Keep my mother in prayers. She’s in the hospital with possible lung infection. Not good for someone who is undergoing chemo. Thanks all!

    • I will pray for you, sis. Pray for me too. I have some major problems that noone can give me answers for, and they make me feel so bad..lethargic, allergic to everything, dizzy, light headed, low bp from the allergies…just awful. Had tests, everything…I was feeling better for a few weeks, then all of a sudden, in the last few days, I feel bad again. We’ll pray for each other!

      • I have been reading so much about wheat lately; this almost sounds like symptoms that people have who have developed an allergy to wheat. Also you might ask your doctor about vitamin B-12 defficiency. That being said, I pray in the Name of Jesus and through the blood of Jesus that this was just a passing thing and that you are healed. AMEN1 God’s word will not return to him void, He said that by His stripes you WERE healed and I will stand on that scripture for you.

    • Also, sent you a note…make sure to email me, okay? Wanted to ask you something. “Father God in the name of Jesus Christ, bless my sister. I claim healing over her right now. Place your hands upon her head and her chest, and everywhere on her body where she has pain, sickness, or abnormality. Give her strength and hold her up. I bind the enemies grip on my sisters life, for it is written, “No weapon formed against me shall prosper!” And it is written, “Greater is HE who is in me than HE who is in this world!” Halleleujah! We have victory over the enemy each and every day. Let us not waver in our faith, but know that you have the perfect plan, and perfect time. Cease her suffering….and let there be peace and joy. In Jesus name I pray, Amen!”

  6. A retired Christian Pastor who lives in Jamaica has reason to believe he may have a brain tumor. However, he has no medical care, and the test costs $600. If all of us vowed to donate even just $20, or whatever you can, then he could have enough to get the test. There are some other tests he is in need of as well, including one for his vision from glaucoma, believed to be caused by the “possible” brain tumor, which requires $6,000. Any help would be great. If you could post below a vowed amount, and set it aside, we’ll then figure out how to get the money to him. If it were you, and you were in this situation, you would want help too. His life could depend upon it. He’s a man who has dedicated his life to serving and ministering for God. Please, help. Thank you, and God bless you! If you don’t feel comfortable posting the amount publicly, please email me privately at God bless you for your step of faith!

    Also, please pray for healing for him..that God will pour out His Spirit into Him and heal him from head to toe of all sickness, disease, and pain. Thank you so much, and God bless you!

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